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Why Use A Recruitment Agency

Why Use A Recruitment Agency

Good candidates are still a precious commodity and are, even in an employment dip, still like gold dust. They will not always use the internet or read the recruitment pages in the press. They will however register with a good recruitment agency and leave the looking to them, confident that they will find the right job for them, sensibly they will leave all the hard work to the agency, saving them a huge amount of time.

A recruitment agency will work with a client, and will form a solid partnership with them, ensuring that the candidates they source will be ideal fits for their business, both professionally and personally.

There is always the benefit of having all the recruitment advertising paid by the agency, you will accrue no expense dealing with and sourcing recruitment media, these costs will be absorbed within the recruitment fee. Therefore failure to attract the right candidates with media used will not be your concern. Agencies will also have relationships with a diverse range of job boards and can attract larger audiences than the client if they were going it alone.

The time it takes to work on specialist recruitment is immense and therefore diverts the client away from internal business matters that are far more pressing, and invariably inhibits business growth from within, as well as affecting employee satisfaction.

The recruitment agency can also be an invaluable source when it comes to employment law.