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Temporary Workers Handbook



HRL endeavour to provide you with quality assignments. This is made possible by building good relationships between you, the client and us. Therefore the commitment to each other is imperative.

Diversity of Placements

At HRL we supply a variety of clients and sectors, this allows you as a temporary worker to experience rich and varied working environments, enabling you to use the full range of your skills as well as learning new ones.

HRL coverage

HRL has full UK coverage and gets instructions from clients right across UK Mainland. Should you know of anyone looking for work across the country, put them in touch with our team, we would be delighted to find suitable placements for them too.

Temp 2 Perm Placements

We often have temporary to permanent positions available. This is an excellent way for you to experience whether the Company or Position is right for you before committing to the job permanently. Whilst working for the Company they may wish to offer you a position that you would be keen to take. If this should happen to you, please advise us straight away.

BACS Payment

We will pay your wages directly into your bank or building society account. If you are paid directly into the Bank, your wages are usually cleared by midday on the Friday due. Sometimes Building Societies may take longer. Your wage slip will be posted on the same day.

Holiday Entitlement

As a temporary worker you start accruing holiday entitlement from the beginning of your first assignment. More details can be provided to you by the HRL Consultant

Maternity Leave

As a temporary worker you are entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay, subject to satisfying Government qualifying requirements. If you would like to know more then please speak to your Consultant.



Bank Details

When you initially register with HRL you will give us your bank / building society details so we are able to pay your salary straight into your account. If at any time your details change advise HRL immediately, ensuring the on-going smooth transfer of monies owed to you.

Identification & Work Permit

When registering with us we are legally bound to ask you to provide a valid form of identification ie., Passport or Birth Certificate, this information will be confidentially stored in your registration file. When relevant we require work permit documents to prove your eligibility to work in the UK.

Tax Detail

When registering with us we will need your P45, which should have been issued to you by your previous employer. If they haven't, ask for it. This is essential as it ensures that we have the correct tax code, thereby eliminating the possibility of you paying too much tax. Just present us with the "employers" copy of the P45. Once you complete an assignment or find a permanent position, HRL will issue you with a new P45. If you do not have a P45 for whatever reason we will ask you to complete a P46. If you are a student who is working during the holidays a P38 will be issued, if you are working through term time a P46 must be filled in.


P60's are issued at the end of every tax year where applicable. This will detail how much you earned and how much tax you have paid during the year March to April whilst you have worked with HRL. You must ensure that you do not lose this as you will not be able to get a copy.

48 Hour Agreement

Under the Working Time Directive you do not have to work more than 48 hours per week, if you are happy to exceed these hours we require you to sign a disclaimer. You will find the relevant form in your Registration Pack.

Commencing a Placement

Starter Pack

Once we have placed you in your first assignment, we will give you a starter pack which will include your timesheet & Terms of engagement (printed on the reverse), a copy of the Working Time Regulations and information on your placement.

Time Sheets & Terms of Engagement

At the end of each working week or assignment (if this is less than a week) please ensure that your timesheet is signed by an authorised member of staff. On completion of your timesheet please ensure that your office manager faxes it back to the office no later than 9.00am the following Monday. Should you fail to do so it will result in a delay in your wages being paid.

Holiday Form

If you wish to book a holiday while in an assignment, please fill in a holiday form and get it to your HRL consultant for approval. Please ensure that you give us plenty of notice so that we are able to source cover whilst you are off. The consultant will check your entitlement and will log all holiday taken by you, and will advise of any holiday that you have remaining.


Our standards are extremely high and we always strive to place you in the best quality placements. We will ensure we understand your requirements and build good working relationships with you, thereby ensuring that the client we place you with will be delighted with your work and you too will enjoy your assignment.

Absence & Sickness

If you are unable to attend work for any reason, please telephone your consultant at the HRL office straight away, once we have spoken to you we will then inform the client. Our office hours are: 8.30-5.00 Monday to Friday. If you telephone outside of office hours please leave a clear message on the answer-phone.

Complaint Procedure

Should you encounter any problems during your assignment contact your Consultant who will endeavour to resolve the matter quickly and efficiently.

Business Confidentiality

During your assignment you may be exposed to confidential information, it is imperative that you act in a professional and confident way at all times. You should never discuss confidential information gleaned about our client or HRL.

Smoking Policy

If you smoke find out what the client's smoking policy is and adhere to it. Ask if there is a designated "Smoking Area" for you to use during legitimate breaks.

Time Keeping

You will be notified of your hours prior to starting each assignment. Always allow plenty of time to arrive at your assignment, if you are running late please advise your HRL consultant straight away.

Permanent Vacancies

If you are on a temporary assignment but are also actively looking for a permanent position and require time off for interviews we will advise the client, please give as much notice as you can, so as to minimise the inconvenience to the client. Do try to arrange interviews outside of your core working hours if possible, ie., lunchtimes, after or before work.

Personal Telephone Calls

Do not receive or make personal phone calls, ensure that your mobile is switched off during working hours, only use in an emergency and once you have got authorisation from the client. Also do not send or receive personal emails or use the internet.

Dress Code

It is imperative that your personal appearance is always excellent during your placement. HRL will give you the dress code before you commence your assignment, this will include any safety wear you may be required to wear.

Work Protocol

Sometimes you may, for whatever reason, decide that the assignment is not for you, please do not just leave without first discussing the situation with your HRL consultant. We will endeavour to resolve your concerns and if we cannot we will find a replacement for you as quickly as we can and find you an alternative assignment.

Should you find another position whilst in an assignment, please advise HRL immediately so we can then find a replacement for you and make it a seamless transition for the client, thereby always maintaining our professionalism.

Getting there

HRL will give you the client's location and will assist you with planning your route to the assignment, whether that is by car or public transport. HRL is not responsible for any costs incurred in respect of travelling to and from work or parking.

Change of Personal Details

If any of your personal details change, address, bank account, emergency contacts, and telephone numbers etc., please contact HRL so we can update your records.

Working Overtime

If you are asked to change your working hours or are asked to work additional hours to those initially agreed, please advise HRL who will confirm details and if applicable, rates of pay. Additional hours are not always paid at a higher rate.

Health & Safety

You must ensure that you are aware of the clients Health and Safety regulations, ask your line manager, H&S procedures on Day One of your assignment. You must then adhere to these regulations for the duration of our assignment.

Equal Opportunities

HRL is committed to equal job opportunities. We have adopted and support an ethical approach ensuring fair treatment irrespective of colour, race, sex, ethnic origin, marital status, nationality, disability, age, sex/religious/political orientation, responsibility for dependents or for any other reason that is unrelated to job performance. We are constantly monitoring our own recruitment procedures to ensure equality.

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