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Client Benefits

Client Benefits

  • Clients who attempt to do their own recruitment will inevitably have higher priorities than looking for new staff, HRL do not, recruiting is our priority, we work quickly and efficiently to fulfill your requirement.
  • We are recruitment specialists and can work in all business sectors.
  • We offer all our clients a tailor made service which will suit your particular recruitment requirements.
  • We will place advertising for your vacancy in the most appropriate media channels at no extra charge to your business.
  • We have a robust candidate pool which we tap into to source the ideal candidate/s, quickly and accurately.
  • Our fees are always extremely competitive; we will always work with you to ensure that the cost is never prohibitive to recruit for your business.
  • We will always meet our clients so that we totally understand their requirements, getting a detailed brief as well as understanding the client’s business ethos and culture. This will enable HRL to quickly and accurately filter the right candidates for the client’s business.
  • To ensure we supply the highest quality candidates we will carry out assessment testing appropriate to the type of position we are recruiting for.
  • We have the skill sets to recruit both temporary and permanent staff.
  • Understanding our candidates transferable skills and expertise that are not sector specific is key, this therefore broadens the quality of candidates we can bring to you.