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The Genuine Answer to the Talent Pool Drought

Due to an urgent business requirement from companies right across the UK, Higgins Recruitment Limited (HRL) has set up an Executive Desk working on talent resourcing across all business sectors and functions.

Two extremely skilled recruiters work on the desk, pooling their experience and knowledge to ensure they source the "Needle in a haystack". Nicky McCall, the Managing Director said "In a volatile market it is accepted that people are inclined to stay in their current position and not take, what they perceive to be, a risky career move, preferring to stay put until the financial climate starts to improve. So this scenario indicates that recruiting talented people into Key Roles is problematic, a fact that has been made clear to Higgins Recruitment time and time again as clients struggle to get the talent they require for their business needs" "Let's not forget that people are any organisation's greatest asset, and that hiring talented people is critical to any business' long term success. Successful recruitment is not just a case of a scatter gun approach using online searches, job boards and social media mediums as well as traditional routes such as classifieds and word of mouth; there are many different ways to connect with and engage potential employees and that is where HRL's skill set lie, we are extremely proficient and successful at finding the right person". We deliver to our clients a quality, first-class recruitment service coupled with integrity and value for money. We provide a bespoke recruitment solution by adopting a results orientated approach for each client and candidate to ensure that all recruitment and career requirements have been met. Higgins Recruitment - 75a High Street, Bedford MK40 1NE T: 01234 328446 E: annebermingham@higginsrecruitment.co.uk W: www.higginsrecruitment.co.uk