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Higgins Recruitment Limited is a recruiter of both permanent and temporary placements and has been working for both local and national businesses, from their head office in Bedford, since July 2010.  Subsequent to HRL’s inception, they have launched a marketing and PR arm to the business.  The website has now been updated to incorporate both Recruitment and Marketing Services and was relaunched at the beginning of the 2012.
Managing Director Nicky McCall said "It is possibly two services that you wouldn’t naturally see sitting together, but there is in fact a natural affinity.  Recruitment and marketing both require exacting communication, you must understand your market and your audience before you can either recruit or market successfully.  
The opportunity arose when our marketing specialist joined the business in 2011.  She brings many years’ experience of working within the corporate world both in B2B and B2C market places.  She has been extremely successful gaining many awards for both marketing creative and PR and this is a perfect combination utilising all our core strengths.
It is a proven fact that all business greatly benefit from marketing and PR input, whether it be a start-up or an established business looking to grow or even consolidate their business, and in times of extreme trading conditions Marketing could be the one practice you do that illuminates you and leaves your competitors in the shade."
The HRL team have developed and honed their skills over many years, working in diverse and difficult conditions and can market and PR a business on limited resources.    
HRL will work within their clients’ budgets, bespoking campaigns to ensure that the best utilisation of finances are used to create maximum impact within the required market sector.   
We would like to offer you an introductory half day free workshop that will involve our team working with you to initially identify your business’s SWOT.  *This offer is valid until the 1st June 2012*.

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