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What Is Your Induction Process For New Starters?

How To Welcome a New Starter

So you have worked hard to get the new recruit. Your on boarding process is crucial to helping their first week go smoothly and make sure they stick around for the long haul.

To avoid the new person feeling compelled to leave their new role here are ten things you must do in their first week.

Take them for a Tea/Coffee-

Glaring eyes in the new office can be over whelming. Take them for a drink and give them a proper introduction and welcome.

Send An Introductory Email-

Especially helpful if you work in a large organisation. Welcome the new recruit on board and let the key people know who they are. This way this can put a name to the face when they meet them. This can then act as a conservation starter.

Give Them a Tour Of the Building-

Show them around the building and give them a proper guided tour. Don't just assume they will pick it up as they go along. Show them where break out areas/social spaces are and toilets.

Meet The Team-

Give them personal introductions to key people in the business so they don't have to waste time figuring out who does what. This will make them feel more comfortable & they can organise any catch ups required later on.

New Stationary

Simple but a very effective way of saying that we are ready & prepared for you. Giving them the equipment they need to start their new position and learn.

Team Meeting

An opportunity for the team to let them know currently what is happening. What goals they are focusing on and where they are heading to for that year.

Outline The Expectations

Outline the expectations of them from the early days before they start being measured on their performance. This will help them feel at ease that they are doing the right thing. Outlining things such as work hours, lunch breaks etc. Giving them time to settle into their new job role.

Looking Ahead

After outlining the expectations let them know what the road ahead will look like. Giving them an indication of what the next few months and year ahead is going to look like with regards to goals and achievements So they can visualise their success and aim high in the business.

Re-cap Meeting

At the end of their first week have a recap meeting and review how their first week went. Ensuring they feel they have a safe environment to express any concerns. Ending the first week on a good note and celebrating any small wins or exiting moments, will make them feel comfortable and on top of things.

A better approach to simply letting them fend for themselves. Giving them a stress free induction and a great introduction to your company!