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Recruitment Really Does Matter

As a member of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation we fully support the good recruitment campaign.

To be as successful as possible you need to have a really good recruitment process in place. The attraction & selection during the recruitment process really is vital to organisational success.

What Does Good Recruitment Campaign Mean?

The REC have launched 9 aspiring principles of good recruitment, to help businesses become more effective in their recruitment practise and ensuring their processes help them secure the right people. Promoting good practise and letting your clients know you support the good recruitment campaign.

How It Can Help You.

There is a FREE bench marking self assessment tool you can use to see how your processes compare to the to the Good Recruitment Charter. This will give you some indication as to how you can improve your processes and procedures. If you sign up to the charter you can also access information, key data and guidance for future.

If you would us to have a look at your processes & receive a free assessment, please get in contact. You can also have a look on the REC website on the link here for more information on how the good recruitment campaign can help your business.

Caroline Giles

Branch Manager

Higgins Recruitmnt 0124 328446