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Blogging To Recruit!

Blogging can help your business in many different ways. It is a great tool to help build your pool talent, build your brand and showcase your service.

You can use blogging to help recruit new staff as well. Here are some helpful hints & tips on how to do so on your website and build your brand online.

Company Culture

You can get staff to show off their achievements both work and personal here and highlight your culture to any potential candidates. People can see that your company is caring and helping their employees reach their full potential.

You can tell people why it is so great to work with you and what benefits your company offers to staff. This will help get the audience engaged and reach out to any future potential candidates. Telling them what makes your company great and why your staff want to work there.

Social Media

Share your blogging posts on social media! This helps your reach and your brand. Even better if you can get employees to share company branded content. As this has an influential spin on it as they already work there and can tell people why they love their job! Again reaching out to potential future employees.

Get Staff Involved

Although its great to get the CEO or a hire writer to write testimonials you can get staff involved by letting them write their own statements or experiences of the company to go on the blog. This way they have a feeling of involvement and get to have a voice about their experiences and it comes first hand.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Although you can post your jobs on a job board you could use your company blog to help write more in-depth information regarding the position you are advertising. This will help gain more interest and could gain candidates with more qualifications.

Thought Leadership

Sharing news that is relevant to candidates helps with putting news on their radar and let them know that your company shares their same interests. When blogging this helps shape your image and you are telling people what you stand for.

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas on how to blog for your company and help your recruitment strategy!

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Caroline Giles- Branch Manager