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How you hire effects the recruitment process here are some interesting facts & figures from Office Vibe to help you brush up on your hiring process. 

·       On average the recruitment process can take 27 working days to make a   new hire! This is at an all-time high. 

·         Due to the market at the moment the best candidates are now off the marketing within just ten days! So this means recruitment is even more difficult if the process takes too long, you may have to start all over again. 

·         The average cost per recruitment of a new member of staff has risen to just under £3K. 


·         60% of candidates have quit an application because of the process taking too long. 

·         15% of the candidates that have a positive experience when hiring put more effort into a job. 

·         64% of candidates that have a negative experience with application processes will speak about their experiences with family & friends. 27% of those discouraging anyone else from applying. 

·         If a candidate is to receive a cold email they are more likely to accept this  if they have interacted with the brand before. 

·         66% of Candidates find the best way of finding out about a company is to interact with employees to get a good insight


·         Over 75% of professionals are you passive candidates. So building up your employer brand is really important to your hiring process. 

·         Employee turnover can be reduced by 28% by investing in your employer brand. 

·         48% of recruiters see it as becoming more like marketing

So how does your hiring process match up to these statistics? Is there something you can change to help improve the process and make this more positive. Saving in effect time and money? 

How Higgins Recruitment can help you!

Give us a call on 01234 328446 if you would like to speak to us (Higgins Recruitment) to see how we can help make the recruitment process less of headache.

We at Higgins Recruitment can help make the process smoother and more often than not we are cheaper than £3K, which includes all the advertising costs and marketing.