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National Apprenticeship Week 14th-18th March

This week is National Apprenticeship Week! A week to celebrate the positive impact that apprenticeships have on businesses and the wider economy. 

There are lots of benefits of having an apprentice within your business, Here is some interesting facts for you to consider with regards to apprenticeships:- 

  • You are able to work with the provider of your apprentice to look at application forms, and select the candidates to interview for the position you have on offer. Just like the recruitment process for an employee. 
  • You will spend the same amount of time training & supporting your apprentice as you would a new member of staff
  • The government can provide you with access to a grant for £1500 towards the wages of an apprentice 
  • The provider of the apprentice will review their performance both in the work place and college every 12 weeks which you will be involved with and provide feedback on
  • Apprenticeships boost productivity for businesses on average £214 per week
  • 70% of employers have reported that an apprentice has helped improve the quality of their service or product

If you would like to speak to us about our apprenticeship experience or how apprenticeships work please give us a call.

We are able to help recruit apprentices for your business & select the best candidates for apprenticeships. We have helped clients with providing candidates for their apprenticeship schemes and have had a really good success rate. So don't delay find an apprentice today!

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