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Job: .Net Developer

Salary: £38000

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Job: Bathroom Division Manger

Salary: £45000

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Job: Insurance Claims Handler

Salary: £18000

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Job: Business Systems Analyst

Salary: £35000

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Job: Marketing Manager

Salary: £45000

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Job: Digital Research Analyst

Salary: £25000

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Job: Project Manager

Salary: £40000

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Job: Junior Support Analyst

Salary: £30000

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Job: Sales Administrator

Salary: £20000

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Job: UX Designer

Salary: £40000

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Job: Bookkeeper

Salary: £23000

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New Year New Career?

Happy New Year!

As the New Year is upon us now you may well be thinking about a looking for a new career. 

There are a few things you can do first to help with your search. Keep an eye out on our blog over the next few weeks with some hints and tips to help you with your CV, interviewing and preparations.

You have Ten seconds to make a good impression

Firstly here are some tips on your CV. You will need to have a CV to apply for jobs online or upload to online job applications. If you have one on your computer or laptop you can easily update it and send it off quickly. Here is what information is required on one and some of the do's and dont's.  

Your CV

  • Make sure your CV is up to date and current
  • Keep the length 1-2 pages 
  • Make sure you format your CV properly- With clear headers, tittles in Bold, clear Font so it can be easily read. Use bullet points to make it easy to read when listing roles and responsbilities for jobs
  • Avoid jargon or slang and always spell check your CV!
  • You will need to put your personal profile at the top giving a quick overiew of your skill set & traits
  • Write your jobs in chronological order
  • Make sure you put as much information in about any gaps in your CV. You can explain why the gap is there and what you were doing during this time. Employers dont mind gaps as long as they are explained. 
  • Make sure you put your contact details at the top. So an eployer can contact you. If using an email address make sure it is a professional one. 
  • Make sure you put two professional references on your CV
  • No photo- A photo is not required on your CV
  • Make sure you put your qualifications on or any addtional education you have taken on your CV as this will help show what education you have and any relevent qualifications required for the job

Never put fake information on your cv as your are liable for criminal action if information is found out by an employer at a later date to be incorrect. 

If you need help or advise on how to put your CV together please email us at recruitment@higginsrecruitment.co.uk or give us a call on 01234 328446