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Employee Motivation Day 21st Jan

Saying Thank You is a great tool to motivate your team. #Employeemotivationday

Here are some creative ways you can Thank them and keep them motivated. This can be formal or informal. Which ever way how little or how big you thank them, doing so goes a long way to motivating your staff.

  • A verbal Thank You- Dropping by their desk, mentioning them in a meeting, or highlighting this in the staff newsletter.
  • Written letter to the employee/ Personal Thank You card
  • Employee of the month/year scheme
  • Team away day
  • Regular feedback to staff in the form of personal development meetings, reviews, & team meetings.
  • Taking staff to lunch
  • Motivational Quotes- Keeping them engaged and thinking positive
  • Training courses that they may want to attend and help them develop
  • Taking in food for staff is a quick and easy way of rewarding them and saying thank you to everyone- Everyone loves a treat! This could be cakes, pizza or buffet
  • Extra Annual Leave
  • Taking an interest in staffs interest, hobbies and asking them what they are up to at the weekend goes a long way to making them feel valued
  • Helping staff with jobs you wouldn't normally do as a manager and being "hands on" goes a long way!. It shows them you appreciate the extra effort and are willing to muck in too

Making sure you are motivating your staff is the key to working together as a team. Knowing your goals and what you are working towards. Understanding everyones individual personalities and needs make a good leader!

Being able to recognise and praise staff in a positive way, is also good for reinforcing positive behaviour traits in the workplace.

21st Jan Employee Motivation Day.

How do you motivate yours?

Caroline Giles