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Digital Research Analyst  [05/04/2018]

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Digital Research Analyst 

You will be bright, intelligent, hard-working and capable person to join our client as a Research Analyst. Primarily focused on preparing insightful reports from multiple data sources and also need to react to the needs of the business - these may include tasks from booking travel tickets to presenting research reports to resource planning and milestone tracking to representing our client as an assistant consultant in front of their clients. The right individual for this role will have a broad range of skills and will be looking for a varied role which they will be challenged, and will grow rapidly by rising to those challenges. 
Responsibilities will include analysis of data from multiple web analytics sources i.e Google Analytics, Facebook, Insight, Twitter Analytics, You Tube Analytics, Audience and market research, user experience research/testing. Liaising with content-creation network of users or freelancers, Social Media management, content generation and publishing, content planning and evaluation, KPI tracking, Resource planning, project management and milestone tracking, online and offline marketing (including basic SEO of content) Administration Assisting in the business development process, including research, analysis, funnel management and pitching paid media management.
The ideal candidate will possess a good combination of the following skills & attributes:-
Demonstrable understanding of web and social media Analytics tools and an inbuilt curiosity for digging into data at a granular level i.e Google Analytics, Facebook, Insights, You Tube Analytics.
A love of technology and an aptitude for technical exploration, whilst there is no requirement for any coding knowledge, it always helps to understand how the fundamental infrastructures of the internet, websites and digital platforms work. 
An understanding of how brands commonly utilise the web and social media to grow, engage and monetise their audience.
An interest in sport and its ability to positively impact social personal skills, education and training.
Highly numerate with good experience of using spreadsheets to understand and manipulate date, strong attention to detail. Active user and advocate of social media with a perspective on the social and media impacts of such products as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Reddit, Snapchat etc. 
Must have excellent communication skills both written and verbal, with the ability to deal effectively with people at all levels.
Salary Package & Benefits:-
Commensurate with experience, holiday 20 days plus bank holidays increasing by one year per year to a maximum of 25 days. Tax-free cycle scheme-performance and salary review annually. Half mobile phone bill and full home broadband paid.
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