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Most companies do not have the time or the resource to recruit new employees or manage temporary staff. To place a position with HRL will ensure that you have total peace of mind knowing that we are working tirelessly to get the right person for you.

Companies have been known to baulk at the thought of paying an agency for recruitment, but fail to consider the full economics of advertising a position, on-line or in the press. This recruitment route has a very short shelf life, as soon as the advert has been published the clock is ticking and the window of opportunity for the employer to find the right candidate is very small and could result in the whole exercise starting all over again, thereby dragging out the recruitment process for what could potentially be months. Even if the response is good, consider the work load:

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However HRL will remove the headache of recruitment, taking over all the elements of recruitment and satisfying your needs in one go and only charging you on successful completion of the recruitment exercise.

Temporary StaffTemporary Staff

Temporary staff is also very difficult to manage, ensuring you have the right staff on the right day, with only minutes to cover a position, the only real option is to contact HRL. We have many temporary candidates registered with us, who have been interviewed and assessed, therefore we are confident that when we send out the Temporary worker we are sending you a competent and suitably skilled individual who will be able to step in at a moments notice.

With new legislation coming into effect from the 1st October 2011, it is imperative that Temporary workers are diligently managed by the agency, thereby ensuring that the new AWR regulations are not breached, we will ensure that we communicate closely with our clients thus eliminating any potential problems arising. Our Recruitment management system will be updated to manage the new requirements without any effects to our clients.