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Job: .Net Developer

Salary: £38000

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Job: Bathroom Division Manger

Salary: £45000

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Job: Insurance Claims Handler

Salary: £18000

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Job: Business Systems Analyst

Salary: £35000

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Job: Marketing Manager

Salary: £45000

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Job: Digital Research Analyst

Salary: £25000

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Job: Project Manager

Salary: £40000

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Job: Junior Support Analyst

Salary: £30000

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Job: Sales Administrator

Salary: £20000

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Job: UX Designer

Salary: £40000

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Job: Bookkeeper

Salary: £23000

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Are you a global corporate, a SME or a sole trader looking for the perfect candidate, or an individual looking for your next career move, HRL has the expertise to resolve your recruitment needs?

To ensure that we satisfy your own individual recruitment requirements quickly and efficiently we take the time to listen to, and understand your recruitment needs, thus ensuring total satisfaction for both the client and the candidate.

To be successful in today’s tough market it is key that you have the right people in the right job, whether that be at board or junior level, thereby allowing your business to flourish. Leaving the recruitment to HRL allows you to concentrate on your business growth in the secure knowledge that the recruitment strategy has been specifically tailored to your unique requirements. We ensure that we match the right person to the right job first time.

HRL has the expertise, integrity and professional standards to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Executive Desk

In a volatile market it is accepted that people are inclined to stay in their current position and not take, what they perceive to be, a risky career move, preferring to wait until the financial climate starts to improve. So this scenario indicates that recruiting talented people into Key Roles is problematic, a fact that has been made clear to Higgins Recruitment time and time again as clients initially go solo on recruitment, are surprised by the lack of response, and then contact us to resolve what would seem to be a drought of talent for skilled, executive or specialist positions.

Due to the business requirement HRL has set up an executive desk working on talent resourcing across all business sectors and functions. Two extremely experienced recruiters work on the desk, pooling their experience and knowledge to ensure they source the "Needle in a haystack".

Is your CV letting you down?

Get the edge on the competition - ensure that your CV is making the right impact. Contact us to discuss your career direction and then let us review and rewrite your CV accordingly. Don’t forget your CV is your only marketing tool, make sure you use it to its full potential.

Recruitment Agency Bedford

Looking for the right recruitment agency is difficult both for the client and the candidate. The recruitment market is a minefield and we know that the right people give your business the edge over the competitors. HRL is a recruitment agency that sources its candidates from across the UK, and is not restricted to its head office locality of Bedford. The HRL team have between them vast experience within the business sector and know what a client requires from an employment agency. Working with a recruitment agency can be daunting for both the client and candidate, many agencies seem unapproachable, uncommunicative and often lack the professionalism you would expect from a company working on your behalf. We recognise that a good CV is key, it is your only piece of marketing material that a prospective employer would see and we aim to guide our candidates as much as we can to ensure that they realise their aspirations and potential.

Employment Agency Bedford

Being based in the centre of Bedford is an ideal location to source from across the UK.

Unlike a lot of recruitment agencies HRL will always interview prospective candidates before they put them forward for any position, and if the position/candidates requires it will test accordingly. We will never just send a CV without seeing the candidate first, and being located in the heart of Bedford we can easily meet with candidates off site at a mutually convenient location.

In a recession it is even more important that the right company/candidate match is achieved, businesses cannot afford to employ staff that will only be a drain and not an asset, recruiting the right person first time is something HRL excel at.

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